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Adwoah Aboah opens up for StyleLikeU.

The model and muse currently laying waste to stereotypes and championing a level of understanding much needed in pop culture lays her past bare for StyleLikeU in this honest, heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting interview as part of their What's Underneath Project. 

Check out the full, amazing interview here

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Movement: Queen Moves.

Check out i-D's new video diary focusing on New York dance collective Queen Moves.

Concerned with empowering and educating on what it means to be a woman in modern society, Queen Moves take personal stories and worldwide agenda's to the streets - their performance is from their own hearts but will effect the many. 

"Their journeys remind us that those who are fearlessly independent and defy expectations can make a larger impact on the people around them and the cities they dwell in" - i-D magazine

Check out the video here